Our Teams

At Thiya, we have various supporting teams that work together to achieve our objectives. Here are some of the key teams that are typically working with us.

Manufacturing Partner

This team is responsible for the production of Thiya products, including the development and optimization of manufacturing processes, quality control, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sales and Marketing team

They are taking care for promoting and selling Thiya products, developing marketing strategies, and building relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions.

Medical Affairs team

Our medical affairs team is supporting to provide scientific and medical information to healthcare professionals, conducting medical education and training programs, and supporting clinical research.

Supply Chain team

This team is responsible for managing the flow of our products, from finished goods to timely and efficient distribution to customers.


Overall, all the teams work together to achieve our mission, from developing new drugs to manufacturing and distributing our Affordable and Quality products and providing support to healthcare professionals and patients.

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